The holidays are a time for joyous laughter, coming together, and giving thanks to those most important to you—or at least that’s been the tradition. But maybe next year it’s time to break out a new tradition. The holiday months are the perfect time to take a well-deserved retreat in paradise—away from work, inclement winter weather, and family drama. Retreating to the calm waters of St. John USVI certainly has its perks this time of the year. If you would like a place for the entire family to enjoy, then consider checking out some grand cayman all inclusive family resorts

Worried you might regret not indulging in the holiday festivities? No worries. There are still plenty of options for getting your Thanksgiving fix while on the vacation of your dreams. Thanksgiving is largely celebrated throughout the Caribbean, most notably in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Some restaurants even offer traditional favorites, in addition to some island specialties!

If you’re looking for something more fun and tropical to do after your Thanksgiving feast, then head over to Coral Bay, St. John, for the Thanksgiving Regatta—which is a large boat race held annually. All classes of boats are welcome to enter the regatta, which could prove to be an exciting family even, regardless of whether or not you choose to participate or simply watch from the shore.

No matter how you choose to spend your time here in St. John, one thing is for certain—your happiness. Of course any vacation away from the stresses of the real world is bound to put a smirk on the most miserable face, but a winter excursion to the tropics of St. John will leave you and your family feeling joyous and rejuvenated.

If you are still hesitant on bringing the whole family, don’t be! There are plenty of activities, locations, and restaurants for the whole family to experience and enjoy. Let your family experience new surroundings, culture, and food this year as you instill a new family tradition.

Although it’s a little late for a Thanksgiving retreat this year, there still time to book your vacation getaway this season. Perhaps consider treating your family to merry surprise this Christmas with a holiday retreat in St. Johns in the upcoming New Year.

So, you are considering St. John as your next vacation spot, well allow me to congratulate for your wonderful choice. St. John is probably one of the best places I’ve been to on vacation, no doubt. One of the things you’re surely considering is where to crash during those wonderful days and nights of Caribbean sweetness. If your mind is already set on a villa rental, you are certainly two-for-two in my wise-o-meter checklist. A villa provides a much more intimate and cozy space. If you’re traveling in a group and everyone is pitching in, you will find that it can be a much cheaper alternative to a hotel. It is like choosing between buying a glass of wine or the whole bottle; sometimes the bottle is just a much wiser decision.

So, on that note, here are 3 need-to-knows:

  1. Step one, the search: Renting a villa can be challenging. It can be time consuming and also a little stressful but if you do your homework with enough time in advance, you will be fine. To perform your search, consider what you’re looking for in your vacation experience. Are you looking to spend long hours on the beach or are you looking for a much more daring experience partaking in some extreme water sports. As always in real estate, location is the number one priority.
  2. Step two, the deal: Once you’ve picked that place where you see yourself having a sweet mojito while reading that long overdue novel, the next step is securing it. Most experts recommend that you talk to the agency or owner of the place, simply because you want to feel the vibe of these guys. Once you have agreed on a price, a length of stay, and all that which stands between you and your John House rental, get everything in writing so that everything and everyone has a clear understanding, and enjoy!
  3. Step 3, just in case: You may want to consider getting travel insurance for yourself for lengthy trips. I have personally had unpleasant situations while on vacation and it is always best to have that hidden ace up your sleeve. Regardless of your choice, I have found this to be one of the most rewarding tips to provide prospective travelers.

Do enjoy your time in St. John and jump into that Soca spirit that moves us all!

What if I told you there was a place you could travel to that looked like a beach scene out of a movie? What if that place was only a few hours away by plane? What if that place welcomed vacationers and beachgoers from all over the world??? That place is St. John USVI! If you’re planning on taking a vacation in the next couple months, (let’s be honest Winter is coming) St. John should be at the top of your list. A beach paradise that’s close to home, it is the perfect place for your next getaway.

 Experience St. John USVI

I think the main selling point of going to St. John is it is a US Territory. That means you DO NOT need a passport to travel here. Sometimes a new passport can cost as much as your ticket! This is just one of the reasons St. John should be number one with a bullet on your list of places to see if you’re loking for a place to snag your next vacation home rental. Another reason, there is no language barrier. The U.S. has our own tropical paradise in Miami, FL, but you will encounter more of a language barrier in Miami than you will in St. John.

Most of the economy in St. John revolves around travelers coming to see the Island. You will be welcomed with open arms by the locals, who want you to have a great time so you come back. There are many local restaurants, stores and other places you can go to experience St. John the way it should be!

St. John is a choice vacation spot for many celebrities as well. They can see the beauty of the Island and take their time away from entertaining to chill out on St. John. Did you know country superstar Kenny Chesney lives on the Island? Don’t get all crazy when you see him, he’s trying to enjoy himself too! Just take pictures from hundreds of miles away like a crazy stalker.

St. John is a verifiable paradise! It’s not far from the U.S., you can experience the Island like a local, get a tan and you don’t even need a passport! This makes St. John one of the best destinations to visit, as you will save money and have more fun in the process. Doing your research before you come can help you figure out the best place to stay for your family and the places you’d like to see when you get here. Start now and you can skip the next Blizzard in the Northeastern United States, and enjoy the fun and sun of St. John!


While a week or even month-long vacation rental is what we all really want, if you’ve used up all your vacation time on boring staycations, you can still visit St. John USVI in one day! Trust us, it’s possible! Don’t forget, the US Virgin Island of St. John is pretty close to our readers in the United States, and we will tell you how to have all of the fun of a weeks vacation packed into a 24 hour day of fun and sun!

St. John in One Day


If you’re staying at one of our Villas, Kamabesu for instance, you can start your day off by jumping right in the water and snorkeling with the fish! A great opening to your day trip, which will wake you up, and keep you energized for the day ahead.

Hit the Beach

Of course, this is still a vacation after all, so take a few hours to lie out and get a tan every one will be jealous of the next day. You can lie out, relax and let the stress melt away. Don’t hang out too long, or you may get sunburned and you still have so much more to see!

Pizza for Lunch

Well you’re saying you can get Pizza back home? Is that pizza served on a boat? Pizza Pi is a boat off Little St. James that makes awesome pizza right there on the boat! Can’t get that in New York City.


Villa Catalina is located in the Hills above Chocolate Bay, so why not end your day of fun hiking? With so much to see as far as beautiful plant and animal life, this will be sure to be an experience you will not soon forget. Also it will help keep off the vacation weight. Although, we don’t know how much weight you can gain on a 24-hour vacation, you may return home in better shape than when you left if you decide to hike through the hills of St. John.

As you can see, you can do so many activities in just 24 hours on St. John. Our Villas are close to many hot spots and other forms of entertainment, so you will definitely have a day full of activities! The only problem is you won’t want to leave and will be sure to book a much longer trip next time. We’ll be happy to have you.



St. John is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is a tropical getaway and should be at the top of your list for your next vacation. St. John is known for its beautiful, sandy beaches. We are going to list the best beaches to visit on your next trip to St. John USVI.

St. John Beaches

Cinnamon Bay

If you’re into water sports, Cinnamon Bay is the place to be! Known for its snorkeling, windsurfing and kayaking, you’ll never run out of things to do at this St. John landmark. If you’re an explorer, check out the old beachfront Danish building, a temporary museum for the National Park Service’s archaeological excavation in the area. If you’re into the natural peace and quiet, take a walk on the half-mile Cinnamon Bay trail.

Hawksnest Beach

Convenience and beauty all rolled into one make this beach a definite option for your next vacation rental. Plenty of parking, picnic tables, and barbecue grills help make your trip an easy one, so you can relax on scenic Hawksnest Beach. Be sure to grab your mask and dive into the great snorkeling reef that starts a few yards off shore!

Leinster Bay

The quietest of the beaches on this list, Leinster Bay is a hit with snorkelers and boaters. Keep an eye out for turtles, starfish and stingrays while snorkeling to Watermelon Cay.

Salt Pond Bay

If you’re looking for peace and quiet when booking your next vacation rental, consider something close to Salt Pond Bay. A scenic, secluded beach for swimmers and snorkelers, but don’t for get about the hiking trails!

Trunk Bay

Out of all the beaches on this list, we saved the best for last. One of my favorite beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands is Trunk Bay. No wonder it is one of the most popular beaches on St. John. This breathtakingly beautiful beach has plenty of soft, powdery, white sand for you to sink your feet into. If you’re a snorkeler, this beach offers one of the coolest things on St. John: an underwater snorkeling trail maintained by the National Park! There’s even underwater signs that provide a lot of interesting information.

Those are the beaches you need to visit on your next trip to St. John USVI. When booking your vacation rental, take a look and see what beaches are nearby, so you can view the beauty of the U.S. Virgin Islands first hand!


Almost everyone always just assumes that if you are booking a vacation you must also book a room at a “luxury” hotel and not even explore the option of renting out a villa. More and more vacationers are ditching hotels for vacation rental homes. I mean, obviously, which sounds better to you… “During our vacation we stayed in a little hotel room, but the view was great!” or does this sound better, “During our luxurious vacation in St. John USVI we stayed in a high class Villa with wide open space and a beautiful morning view of the ocean!” I mean, really, is there any competition there?

Why Choose Villa Rentals Over Hotel Room Rentals

Endless amounts of websites are now gearing there rentals towards renting out bigger and better things, rent a castle, rent a whole apartment, or rent a luxurious Villa. I mean as the times go on everything gets more and more elaborate and over the top.

At St. John Villa Rentals, travelers have access to certain homeowners and vacation home property management staffs that can give you an extensive selection of vacation homes that can for sure exceed the traditional accommodations of a standard, boring, crammed, hotel room. Villas have so much more room and accessibility to many more appliances you would not find in a traditional hotel room. Basically just think about it as picking up a summer home with all its amenities and transferring it to a warm, sandy island with a lot of sun and beach activities. That is what you will experience in a villa rather than a hotel room.

But, don’t think that hotels are not catching on to this BIG trend going on in the vacationer world! Hotels are adding more amenities that your standard villa would provide for you to make an individual’s stay feel a little more like home. But, we see right through your fake ways hotel! Villas are the way to go!

So the next time you are thinking about taking a lavish vacation to the US Virgin Islands, think about the amazing accommodations that St. John Villa Rentals provides.

It is that time of year again; time to plan that perfect island vacation. Typically for a traveler you want to come up with the best budget plan for your vacation so you don’t over spend! Between airfare, renting a vehicle, and hotel accommodations, you need to factor in all these things when planning a vacation.

St. John USVI on a Budget

Firstly, you need to realize any sort of vacation that includes airfare and hotel, is clearly going to be the most money you spend for your trip. Which you can browse around on airline sites to try and find the cheapest flights out there! But, one thing you do not want to be frugal about is where you stay. St John Villa Rentals makes sure to provide you with top of the line vacation rentals to make your stay on the US Virgin Island is so much more enjoyable! Then, you can make sure to save money on other things during your vacation by budgeting out your activities and spending habits for the trip.

St. John has so much to offer, from their beaches, to the forests, to its reefs, villas, restaurants, and nightlife. You will not be disappointed by how much this island really has to offer. Whether you’re on a short weekend trip or a week or longer vacation, we figured out the perfect way to budget your spending during your island vacation.

Breakfast & Lunch– Usually if you stay at a hotel they have a continental free breakfast to indulge in. But, if you stay at one of our Villas you will be provided with a full-equipped kitchen. If you have a kitchen you can travel to the local grocery store and load up on food for the week or weekend trip. This saves you a lot of money for food during the day. Because you will be back and forth from beaches and ocean fun with no time to eat out anyway! So why not get back to your Villa and prepare a quick snack before dinner.

Dinner – There are so many great restaurants in St. John USVI; this is where you can splurge a little. You can choose which nights you want to wine and dine yourselves, and which nights you just want to stay in and order a pizza, or go to a local dive restaurant! Check out our other blog post about great restaurants in St. John!

Exploring the Island – St. John has so many amazing adventures they offer, so if you want to save some money on activities, then visit this site and make sure to plan accordingly! You can go snorkeling in the ocean, cruise with the windows down around the island for site seeing, or just relax on the beaches. For snorkeling, it would be beneficial for you to bring you own snorkel set. This way is cheaper then renting the snorkel set, and also while you’re relaxing at the beach, you can feel free to jump in the water and snorkel on your own time. For site seeing, you would need to rent a car. But, this may benefit you throughout your whole trip in order to get around rather than taking other means of transportation. We recommend renting a Jeep instead of a regular car, why you ask? Because St. John is very steep! The 4-wheel drive will really come in handy. So, make sure to look into how much it would cost to rent a car for the trip!

Recently, the U.S. Virgin Island has banned smoking on all beaches that are within the national park system. Many places like restaurants and parks are starting to initiate this ban all together. National Parks should mean no less and smoking should be banned in all of them.

Smoke Ban on St. John

It’s no surprise that St. John USVI initiated this ban and set it in place in 2013. National Parks should be respected and no smoking should occur in them. It’s essential to preserve the forests and rain forests we have now and smoking can only damage them. The ban covers cigars, pipes, and cigarettes and is enforced from within 50 feet of the shoreline. All 12 of the protected beaches are under this ban on the US Virgin Island. However, the park rangers were not handing out citations just yet because they wanted to educate the people before just giving citations.

The ban was pushed through to help reduce the number of cigarette butts on the beach and secondhand smoke. If you haven’t been to your vacation rental in a few years and want to get away, remember this ban is in place. It’s a good ban but might result in smoking occurring in other places. If you’re looking to go to a new place, St. John may be it for you. And if you aren’t a fan of smoking, then this may be the place for you.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be as special as possible. St. John USVI is the perfect setting for a destination wedding, and honeymoon. St. John Villas is a great place to stay whether you want a large extended gathering or a small, intimate party. St. John has everything, from picturesque beaches, to beautiful hiking trails (do carry a 223 ammo as your safety tool), a stay in this Caribbean destination for your wedding or honeymoon is the perfect choice. When you arrive in Cruz Bay, the main town and port, you’ll be sure to enjoy your entire time on the island.

A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a grand way to get married, and it doesn’t have to be complicated either, here are some quick facts about St. John USVI, and weddings there.

How do I enter St. John USVI? : You will need a passport or photo I.D. and original birth certificate.

How do I get married in the Caribbean? : Request an application for a marriage license from the Territorial Court of the U.S. Virgin Islands, after it is completed and received, there is an 8 day waiting period before you can legally get married there. Contact the court for any more questions you may have.

What about details such as photography, transportation, catering? : There are many listings of photographers, limos, and cake makers available for hire on the island, and eager to help you make your destination wedding the best experience of your life.

Start planning your wedding and honeymoon at St. John Villa Rentals; we can also assist you with all activities in the Virgin Islands, which may include automobile rentals, powerboat rentals, dinner reservations! After your stay with us, you will make St. John a regular destination for vacation!

If you’re planning a trip to St. John USVI, you should know where the best restaurants are located. All of the following restaurants are located near Cruz Bay and are simply delicious!

Dining in St. John

The Terrace Restaurant
Open seven days a week, this French inspired, fine-dining restaurant features entrees such as Crab Stuffed Wild Caught Prawns and Roasted Rack of Colorado Lamb. You can’t forget their selection of fresh shellfish and their extensive, handpicked wine menu. With its waterfront location and native stone architecture, The Terrace Restaurant is the perfect location for a romantic evening.

Sam & Jack’s Deli
If you’re looking for a quick place to grab lunch, grab & go dinners, or homemade greatness delivered to your Villa or boat, Sam & Jack’s Deli is the place for you. Their menu includes hot and cold gourmet deli sandwiches, baked breads, hand-rolled pasta and ravioli and homemade cookies. If you’re staying in a Villa or on a boat, Sam & Jack’s Deli would be happy to deliver one of their delicious packages, such as a breakfast, grilled or Italian package, or perhaps all three!

The Barefoot Cowboy Lounge
You won’t get enough of this “Texas Style” BBQ. You can choose from the Outlaw, Cowboy Combo, Redneck Sandwich, Barefoot Nachos and the Hillbilly Sliders, to name a few. Believe me, they taste better than they sound. If you can’t choose, try a little of everything at their Barefoot Buffet, but don’t forget your shoes.

The Beach Bar
If you’re into Crab Dip and Frozen Daiquiris, make your way to The Beach Bar. Whether you take a seat on the beach or at the bar, this is a perfect place to wind down and listen to live music from some of St. John’s favorite musicians.

Ocean Grill
Casual by day and white tablecloth by night, Ocean Grill brings you contemporary cuisine with a casually elegant tropical flair. Enjoy your dinner in a tropical paradise, under the stars and swaying palm trees. You can catch live music on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings from November through May.

I know what you’re thinking… so many good choices makes it hard to choose. If you have the time, I’d recommend trying all of the best restaurants in St. John. Each one will give you a unique, delicious experience.